Sunday, September 18, 2005

We Got a Long Way to Go.....................

Where to start I have no idea, so this will be alot of rambling. Losing to Vandy is something no one wants to experience. In my opinion it is embarrassing. It was a game we should have and could have won. If we do not want this season to be a bust, WYOMING IS A MUST WIN. Wyoming is a good team and very capable of beating us.

Thoughts on Vandy
This is not your parent's Vanderbilt football team. They are a good team and I believe they will be in a bowl game. However, we could have easily beaten them. Coulter is a great quarterback, he can beat you on the run or with the pass. Credit needs to be given to the offensive and defensive line for dominating our line all day long. Vanderbilt has a very good offensive coordinator in my opinion. The shuffle pass call he made on third down late in the game was outstanding.

Thoughts on the Rebs
Not really any improvement from the Memphis game.

Our defensive line was probably the biggest disappointment for me on Saturday. Absolutely no penetration on our part for the entire game. McKinley Boykin still no where to be seen on that D-Line. Travis Johnson continues to be miserable. We really suffered when Patrick Willis got hurt and was not able to come back into the game. Willis runs the defense when he is in the game, and we really needed him down the stretch.

The offense was once again inconsistent. I felt like Spurlock looked real good at times. I liked the patience he has in the backfield waiting for routes to develop. Although he still made several bad passes, which has come to be expected. Mico McSwain has got to do more than run the sweep to the outside. Any coach in the country is going to be able to predict the play when he is in the backfield. Spurlocks block on Mico's run was outstanding. The receivers had an average day. However, they did drop some passes at clutch times which could have really helped.

Is there anyone out there that can kick field goals. This really hurt us with the outcome of the game. Had Moseley's extra point not gotten blocked, the mood would have been different on both of the sidelines. Play calls would have been different and the outcome would have been very different. It is really depressing not to have a kicker.

Other Thoughts

Spurlock getting hurt could not have come at a worse time. Lane was nowhere near ready to go in the game. We had a chance to come back in the end, but I never believed Lane could do this, not because he is not talented. But one could tell he just was not ready to play. I feel like Spurlock was really starting to look good, this is a major blow.

Some Ole Miss fans really make me mad. While I will question the coaches and players alot. Some fans are just never happy. It is to the point where some fans just come to the game to question and gripe every decision the coaches make rather than pull for the Rebs. One guy in our section never complimented on our good plays, rather he griped about every decision we made. I really dislike people that act like that and do not understand why they come to the game.

The injuries we suffered of Spurlock and Willis are going to affect us in a big way. It looks like Spurlock will be out till possibly as long as the Alabama game. Willis will likely be back this week, but not 100%.

Wymoing is a must win if we want to salvage the season. My hope is that Rebel fans will not be down because we lost to Vandy and will pack the Vaught and be loud. With a 6:00 game it should be pretty loud and rowdy.

I have not lost confidence in this team. There are alot of things I like, but there are plenty that need to be corrected. It is my hope they feel the same way. Hopefully we can correct more things mistakes this week and light some fire into some guys that have not been contributing as they should be. We have a long way to go.